Re: Selling my Daytona is "underway", guess who was the first to call on it...

Started by xs29j8Bullitt, October 13, 2011, 11:33:43 PM

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Quote from: xs29j8Bullitt on July 06, 2019, 08:37:28 AM
:shruggy:  How about "Christopher Philip Houg"... saying he wanted a restoration project to share with his children...  :shruggy:

Allen, don't let that POS thief anywhere near you, your cars,parts or property.  He is a slick kiniving thief, he will rob you!


Thanks Pete, he was very believable in his "I used to have one. and now I want to restore one with my kids. "

But having been bit about 35 years ago by a snake by the name of "Jerry Calder" from the Dallas area until he had to move out-of-State due to health concerns...  he will not be allowed anywhere near my cars, parts, Etc

Thanks again Pete, your cut to the chase warning made me smile... :cheers:
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No problem Allen.  This guy has made a career out of ripping off Mopar guys like us!


Where is this guy from, in case I run into this character in the future?


He moves around.  Just search his name,and you will see how he has scammed many Mopar people.  There were a few threads on here about him too.