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Painters please help! It's home and painted!

Started by b5blue, February 02, 2012, 07:19:12 PM

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Have you been driving it. Post new Pics. LEON.


Hey Leon! Yes bunches of work since then also.  :2thumbs: It's apart getting a set of aluminum heads right now.



I just find out that this is your topic :coolgleamA:
Looking good  :icon_smile_cool:  You have worked hard!


Hi Toni!  :cheers: Yes that is YOUR bumper/grill in these pictures!   :lol:  For those interested I've been busy since painting. All new harness and instrument cluster/dash redone, 6BBL converted to CH4B and 750 Proform, (For A/C added soon.) New windshield and gasket, New Winters Sidewinder shifter and 727 unmodified back to close to factory rebuild with new 145K Mopar T.C., 11 3/4" disk brake with all new brake lines/hoses, new shocks and UCA's with offset bushings, (Staggered for + castor.) new AMD rear bumper and currently installing aluminum "Sidewinder" heads. I've got everything to rebuild all the seat covers with new foams and padding, front seat backs and new aftermarket (B5Blue) seatbelts after A/C install.  :scratchchin: