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My car made the Englishtown T shirt

Started by 4spdwing, August 24, 2013, 11:26:58 PM

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I walked into the building to get my dash plaque. I looked at the shirts and saw an orange Superbird on it. I thought I guess I will buy one. Then looked again and saw it was my actual car. It has my white stripe and you can actually read the letters on the tires which are mine. It was neat to see.
440 4bbl 4spd Superbird  383 Auto Dart GTSport


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that's cool!

I didn't realize you were a member or I would've looked you up. I was a few spots down from you with the R/T.
wingless now, but still around.


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I read a lot of stuff here but don't post to much.. I wasn't buying any shirts then ended up buying 4..   They gave me $10 off
440 4bbl 4spd Superbird  383 Auto Dart GTSport


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