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DIY alignment tools SOLD THANKS!

Started by b5blue, July 29, 2019, 09:41:50 AM

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  Used for setting alignment after rebuild/modify suspension on my 70 Charger. Great help playing with settings, testing and what have you. I'm dialed in so don't need anymore. Everything is in like new condition. I have PayPal, PM me if interested.
Toe in Alignment Plates 70.00 shipped
Caster/camber tool 110.00 shipped
I also have 2 flat steel turn plates, very simple pinned steel disk on steel square plate construction. (Quite heavy but effective.) PM for pics, shipping could be costly?


How did they work out for you, some of the reviews were good, some not so much?  Did you align the rear end before you did the front?


  No nothing here used on the rear. After a basic rebuild a few years ago the numbers were close after alignment. I installed off set UCA bushings in new repop UCA's that come with upper ball joints. (The 91000 showed how much improvement.) A year or so later I swapped to adjustable solid strut rods and did the Mopar Disk-o-tech 11 3/4 disk brake upgrade replacing all the brake lines so you can see I was in and out of the front end for a few years.
  My car has "good bones" the sub frames and rockers are solid and has always been a driver in use. This stuff let me tear down on Sat. but drive to work Monday. :lol: