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Superbird nose cone parts.

Started by mopar4ya, May 04, 2020, 07:56:09 PM

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Does anyone offer repair panels for a Superbird nose cone. I need the lower center pan section at minimum. Or anyone have a original cone in nice shape? I have my car in a restoration shop, and have found out the cone is worse than thought. The car is registered for MCACN, need to find parts ASAP!.



Hey Dan, member tmaleck, in the thread "daytona clone project"...  said he has a superbird nose that he would be willing to trade for a daytona nose (or probably sell outright).  Send him a message, maybe you two can put a deal together.


A good body guy could make that section.....
I've never owned anything but a MoPar. Can you say that?


O'k, I'll give him a call.