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Ideas of venting stock fiberglass hood

Started by comet_666, June 10, 2020, 09:37:21 AM

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Was looking for some ideas on where to add some venting maybe to where the hood turn signal indicators are on my stock fiberglass hood. When I say stock I mean its just like the steel one but fiberglass.



I used to run a fiberglass hood with a sixpack scoop on my Charger.  I cut out the area around the turn signal indicators are because I wanted to use the stock ones and it ended up ruining my hood. Because I cut out the bracing in that area for the turn signals, it weakened that area and ended up cracking badly.

Just  :Twocents: but I am sure the scoop acting as a parachute amplified the weakness I created by cutting out that area, but who knows.


I thought of that too. I don't need to end up having to buy a new hood.


I've been wanting to do the same but can't bring myself to cut up my hood. Here's a pic from Autodynamic's car with the hood signal area cut out but his is a steel hood so I'm not sure the differences in the structure. I'm eventually going to do the same but with honeycomb mesh.
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