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E-body gauge lens and a couple gauges

Started by r4daytona, March 13, 2021, 08:54:26 PM

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Yes, I know this is a B body forum.  I know many guys have a few cars so I thought I'd take my chance here before Ebay- plus I just dont feel like creating a profile on the E body forum to sell a few parts.  I'd prefer to trade for old coins.
Here's descriptions:
The lens is fantastic!  I can't say "perfect" because there is a little tiny hairline scratch in at the very bottom of the tach lens.  It could probably be polished out.  I'd like $150

The housing with the clock and fuel gauge is also very nice. A friend put his meter on the back of the fuel gauge and he said it looked ok.  I don't know how to test the clock or I would but as you can see it's not beat up and very nice.  I'd like $95 for that

The other three (fuel, temp and clock) I'd prefer to sell as a group and be done with it- but I'll separate if need be. According to my friend the temp gauge seemed ok but the fuel gauge didn't.  He didn't know if it was a loose wire inside or what. The clock not beat up or dented but does need to be redone and the threads at the end of the set knob shaft are broken off.  I'd sell those three for $60




3 gauges


numbers on housing