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Started by fedeperlam, July 03, 2021, 02:07:04 AM

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Hello guys, thanks for accepting me in your community.
I'm from Italy, coming in August to California to buy a 68 69 70 Charger.
Then drive it to Miami to ship it home (Milan).
I am looking for a Charger that runs perfectly, rust free, body paint shouldn't be perfect, interiors too.
Better manual trans, automatic ok too, no matter what color.

Can drive 700 miles away from LA to catch it.

If someone has something, please text it here.

Thank you,


You should be able to buy a super nice roadrunner for the 40k max   the chargers have become more expensive and from the sound of it you would have to add another 10k for your description wants    best in your search


Saw in april or may some chargers sold for less in good conditions.

Maybe I'll find someone here on the forum who want to sell his beast.

I have to import to Italy, that means I have to charge other 15k on the price  :'(

I'll wait for you guys!



Welcome, and I hope you are successful with your search.  I would give pointers if I had any, but unfortunately I do not. 
Who in their right mind would say

"The science should not stand in the way of this."? 

Science is just observation and hypothesis.  Policy stands in the way.........

Or maybe it protects us. 

I suppose it depends on the specific case.....


Welcome fede, best of luck and ask questions here...lot's of experts!


What you are asking for is quite difficult but not impossible. I bought mine from Canada last year, the equivalent of 45kUS fresh 2019 complete restoration 383 auto. Needless saying I'm lucky. I would be quite apprehensive about driving a car that's not known to you for 700 miles. I tried to drive mine 100 miles home and had to be towed because of a short fuel cam rod. Cheap fix but still got me grounded.

Buona fortuna! 


I know, I will prepare myself in the best way. I know quite good those cars, if I'll have luck and the right spare parts maybe I can do it 

Still wait for the right car :)

Thank you,

twenty mike mike

If interested, PM me here.

Sorry, but the paint is almost perfect and the interior doesn't need any work.

550 miles north of LA.

1969 Charger
Late November 1968 build date (Hamtramck)
1968 date coded 440
Passon A-833 18 spline Hemi 4 speed overdrive
Painted July 2016 in AA1 Silver Poly
Blue interior
Radiator frame and trunk gutter match VIN
MSD Atomic TBI electronic fuel injection
MSD 6 AL electronic ignition
MSD Pro Billet distributor with timing control
Edelbrock E-Street 75cc aluminum heads
Weiand aluminum dual plane intake
Reproduction iron exhaust manifolds
Crower cam
New timing gears, chain, cover and crank damper
New water pump
Tanks, Inc fuel tank with submerged fuel pump
Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator
1 1/8" Hellwig front anti sway bar
.92 torsion bars
Hotchkiss geometry corrected tubular upper control arms
Hotchkiss geometry corrected rear springs
Bilstein shocks
Borgeson steering box with Bergman coupler
New 15" x 8" magnum wheels with matching spare
New master cylinder
New brake lines
New front disc brakes
New rear brake shoes and wheel cylinders
Short throw Hurst shifter
12" McLeod clutch disc and pressure plate with spare clutch kit
3.55 Sure Grip
Classic Auto Air Conditioning
Billet aluminum hood hinges
26" Glen-ray radiator
Clutch fan
Rechromed bumpers
Headlight wiring upgrade
Pilkington windshield, all other glass original
Rebuilt wiper motor
Musicmaster radio with aux input modification
Sport steering wheel
Three point retractable front shoulder harnesses
Replaced, with new reproduced parts: Dutchman panel, trunk floor, hood, hood mounted turn signals, grill, tail lights, side marker reflectors, door and trunk locks, left remote mirror, inside day/night rear view mirror, headliner and sail panel boards, dual head rests, upper dash pad, speedometer, tach/clock, dash trim, glove box, upper door pads, center console and trim, ignition switch, window cranks, A pillar covers, kick panels, door seals, window frame seals, vinyl top, package tray, carpet, thresholds, trunk mat and complete M&H wiring harnesses.