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68/69/70 Nascar Style Charger

Started by Rajasthan77, May 04, 2021, 12:41:15 AM

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Hi Everyone,

Hope everyone is safe and sound!

Was wondering if anyone has or knows of any old Nascar style 68-70 Chargers for sale?  Project is fine.  I've been in love with the 71 Dodge Daytona of Bobby Isaac, but that's out of my league even building something like that.  Been debating either getting a clapped-out Charger and re-skinning a late model nascar (I've seen it being done on youtube), or trying to find something like Finnegan's Death Metal Charger.  I do have a 69 charger already but it's rust-free and set up more for drag racing and I sure don't want to cut it up.  So just seeing what's out there and some choices if any.  Thank you everyone for your time, I appreciate it!  I did try and purchase Scraptona (built by the Tredware Guys), an awesome car, but it was out of my price range and we couldn't meet on a price I could afford basically.  and I since spent the money to buy a truck :)  So back to square one basically and building something from the bottom up.     


What's your budget on a Daytona stock car purchase? I am considering possibly selling my Daytona stock car project to get some of my other projects done. Its a 70 Charger R/T body on a 2005 Laughlin Nascar chassis that was built by a Nascar shop in North Carolina to specifically fit a Charger body. A lot of professional fabrication was done to the car,I have Dayclona's Aero parts. I would consider an offer at this time. My wing is an original Daytona wing and wouldn't be included in the sale.