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Paint respirator mask

Started by 70 sublime, August 23, 2021, 10:28:06 PM

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70 sublime

I hope to do some painting on my 70 Charger this fall and winter and looking to get a different mask
The one I have now just covers my mouth and nose and has the two filters one on each side

I find when I use this type of mask any more it presses on my nose and sinus area that I can not breath in enough through my nose then just end up breathing through my mouth
After breathing just through my mouth inside the mask gets all wet

Does any one use some kind of full face shield type of a mask set up kind of like a fireman mask ?
Not sure how a filter would work
Pros or cons ??

I love painting but the mask thing for me is not making it fun any more
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Look up Hobbyair.  Fresh air systems.  You can get multiple configurations for mouth/nose, face, or full hood.  No filters, it pumps fresh air to you from 40-80' away depending on the configuration you want.  For at home, when spraying the nasty isocyanate based paints, you really want a fresh air system and proper attire.   

There are multiple fresh air type systems... they can get pricey.

I use the system with a full face mask and 80' supply line...  Biggest downside is another hose to drag around while you paint.
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3M full facemask is what I wore for years as a painter. With proper connection this is a fresh air mask.  BUT you can use it with a set up of proper NOISH carbon filters. It has the same nose piece as a regular half mask, but the pressure is on your nose is not the same, because the straps mount in completely different areas .  This is what I use at home all the time, it really is the best of both worlds, with full eye and breathing protection .

Only down side is it can get hot, but if your only using it once in a while not a big deal .

I currently switched over to the 3M Versa Flow fresh air mask at work , this is positive pressure system that relies on pressurized fresh air to fill the mask and vent out around the top of your head. The slightly higher pressure inside the mask keeps any of the outside atmosphere air out . Works great, but you need the full setup with fresh air supply $$$$$$$$$

For at home you can't beat the first mask I posted. With a Napa or similar hooded paint suit, a pair of gloves,  you are pretty well protected .

70 sublime

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