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Friends that you had to let go.

Started by Kern Dog, August 29, 2023, 12:42:05 AM

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Old Moparz

Quote from: Kern Dog on February 06, 2024, 03:29:59 AM
Quote from: tcs69rt on February 05, 2024, 08:24:33 PMHis name isn't Walter, is it?  :o

OLD his name is Glenn.

I'm not sure I get the reference. "Walter White" ?? Breading Bad?
I missed it entirely.

Walter was the name of my old friend in the story I posted earlier.

              I Gotta Stop Taking The Bus

Kern Dog

I've looked through pictures and thought of experiences from years ago including people that I knew from back then. There are very few that I'd care to know again. Sometimes, friendships are convenient because of timing, shared employers, living near each other, etc.
Remember saying "Keep in touch" to those guys that moved away? Did you ever see or talk to them again?
My brother in law is one of those types that is like a chameleon. He seems to adapt to his surroundings and follow what others around him are interested in.
He was 5 years out of high school and came to live with the wife (his sister) and I in California. He showed an immediate interest in owning an affordable rear wheel drive Mopar so I put out the feelers and found a 72 Duster. He was excited to work on it with my help and within a couple years, it ran and drove and was painted. It still needed a lot of things but it was on the way to being a nice car. Then he got laid off when the I.T. company restructured. He couldn't get another job that paid well so he moved back to Arizona. From there, his interest faded and ended. Even his connection to me faded even though I tried to maintain conversations aside from car stuff. It got to where when we spoke, whether in person or on the phone, all he wanted to do was talk about himself and what HE thinks about everything.
Remember what I wrote before about people that monopolize the conversation? I've had it with these people. If all they care about is themselves, they can go on adoring themselves without me. I got tired of waiting for these people to express any interest in what anyone else thinks or cares about.


I'm a loner for the most part. Stay close to or at home most of the time except for working.  Met up with a guy around 2002/2003. He had a 69 superbee. It was not running at the time, I helped him get it running (bad fuel pump push rod) he helped me with my car to make it look better. He was a paint and body guy and I was the mechanic.  Over several years we put several different mopars together. Playing with cars is pretty fun when you are younger, lol. We built a 68 fastback barracuda as a street/strip car. I built the 340 stroked to a 422ci. We had a blast at the strip with the car. Torqueflite 727 with a 430 rear gear. Our best time in the 1/8 mile was a 660. Not too bad for the early to mid 2000's. We built a 68 charger and it had a blown 440 in it. Looked alot like the fast and furious charger. He got to smoking pot and popping pills. At first it was tolerable but I noticed stuff around his house was going away. Lots of extra parts he had were gone. Once the meth came in that's when I stepped out.  Not going to loose everything I have worked hard for over a crack pipe. I really hate the way things went down but I just told him I couldn't follow him down that road. His wife passed away at 34 years old and I never asked but pretty sure I know what happened there. She was actually a little thick girl and at the end she was very skinny. All the cars he had are gone now and he lost his house. Pretty much lost everything.  So sad and he is the one back in 2010 and 2011 helped me get the body work done and painted my charger for me. He's a darn good paint and body man. My car isn't going to win the world of wheels but it cleans up nicely and is a dang good looking driver. One thing about life is it can change so quickly and literally pass you by.

Kern Dog