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Convert my 72 charger from factory grill/lights to flip grill/lights

Started by RobVoyles, December 22, 2023, 06:54:02 PM

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Hi, has anyone done this, if so how difficult and expensive is it to Convert my 72 charger from factory stationary grill/lights... to the flip grill hiding the lights.

Thank you in advance.



Is mostly just a matter of having the parts and swap.

Maybe The hardest parts to find because is usually left at a side by the sellers when removing from a parts car is the headlight assembly pedestal which is a bit shorter on original Hideaways cars. Tipically sellers think is the same for all cars which is not. They are a bit shorter on Hideaways cars to leave some extra room when doors are lifted up. However still with regular assembly there is still some room left for the doors. AKcharger can testify that.

There are some bumper assembly differences when swapping on to a 73/74 but is still a matter of having the parts from a full assembly donor.
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I was fortunate to have removed it from the doner car myself to ensure I had all the parts