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Carlisle 2024

Started by AKcharger, December 30, 2023, 09:47:00 AM

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got ticket and hotel! might bring '72 this year if it behaves :scratchchin:


Gonna be a great show!   :popcrn:
Tomorrow is promised to NOBODY . . . .

Old Moparz

I'll be there again with my son, I have the Chrysler 300 registered for the show & we're staying in Shippensburg again. I wish that new hotel next the fairgrounds was reasonably priced, it's like $350/night & booked.

              I Gotta Stop Taking The Bus

Kern Dog

I've heard about this show for years.
In 2004, I was in Columbus for the "Year of the Charger". I counted 224 of them at the show!
I'm a west coast guy...Our biggest shows out here are maybe 400 cars a day. I was blown away at the immense size of the Columbus show.
I hear people comment about the humidity. I don't recall it being that bad when I was there.
The wife and I are looking toward going to Carlisle this year.
People have commented a LOT about the hotel situation being difficult. We just started looking at hotels.
I've never been to Pennsylvania.


The '04 NATS? our 1st show!! we had just moved from AK to Virginia and drove are all the way over...even was in the "honor field" which was nice especially when we saw many people parked in mud and stuff

Kern Dog

Did you walk the swap meet in 2004? It was there that I saw a Charger get parted out on site!

Kern Dog

I also saw this car there:

Columbus 1.JPG


The car looked like it was pulled from the bottom of a lake. IT was priced at $4000 and needed everything!   


I did! was my 1st "real" show in the lower 48, super fun!but after seeing the normal parking area I never returned. Race track was great though


I'm about 75 miles away so I'm a commuter.

I'm also still on the fence about selling the car and all the spare parts. Maybe after this year's show. Then I'll at least get three Carlisle shows out of the fortune the rust repair and repaint cost me.