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Started by Troy, November 23, 2007, 10:40:45 AM

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Better late than never right? :D

This is a reference section intended to showcase what works - and hopefully how well it works! Start a new thread for your combination with a short description in the title (ex. "440 street/strip"). Please post as much detail as possible as well as performance numbers (dyno, 1/4 mile, etc.) if you have them. Use the Engine, Transmission, Rearend, & Exhaust section for engine questions or help to keep this section uncluttered.

Sarcasm detector, that's a real good invention.


Troy, thanks for creating this forum.  :2thumbs:

A database for Proven Engine builds with Dyno results is a valuable reference tool.  ;)

I encourage all members who have built and dynoed their engines or have Chassis dyno results to post them up.  :icon_smile_cool:

Thanks, Ron
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Troy you're my hero!  I'll post up most of the engine combo's i've done at the shop as time allows    :METAL:
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