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1969 charger fenders

Started by bricklayer, February 22, 2008, 01:00:10 PM

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I would like a pic of the top of the fender's L/R from different angles to check contours. looking from the front to back at headlight to antenna would like to see the top of fender from top edge above wheel opening to inside gap to the hood? hope this makes sence thnks  Tom


I don't have a camera at the moment, but here's the other side.
This car was sold many years ago to somebody in Wisconsin. I now am retired and living in Florida.


Thank you for the response but i would like another angle if any body has one again thank you  tom


Heres the best ones Ive got right now:
68 Charger R/t white with black v/t and red tailstripe. 440 4 speed ,black interior
68 383 auto with a/c and power windows. Now 440 4 speed jj1 gold black interior .
My Charger is a hybrid car, it burns gas and rubber............


Yes they are closer to what i;m looking for, would like to get down closer to eye level on the fender? Mine doe's have that crease on the top like yours  i'm afraid mine might be to long and too  deep would like to see more pics if possible thank you for the replys  tom