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has anybody tried to modernize their charger

Started by IBsmokin, November 05, 2005, 09:13:50 AM

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by mean which they took out the entire original interrior in put in an interrior from a late model car, ie, dash, gauges, electronics, etc..


i seen a cuda with viper dash console and seats




i think that takes the fun out of driving an old car.  the part you see most is the dash, and i like the old dash look.  if i want a newer interior i'll take my spouses Maxima for a ride. 
now newer seats on the other hand, that is a must!
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 Did not do a thing for me, hate to race it but far as looks. Seemed a waste of 2 cars.

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I guess I'm one of those people who finds more character in the older interiors.  Agreed there are many ergo improvements (seats) in new cars but they all look a little generic to me.  The interior in my 67 is one of it's most unique features.  I can't even imagine changing it.
Speaking of seats though, what my 67 lacks in lateral support, it must make up for in seating position.  I can drive that car for 5 hours and get out not feeling too bad.  If I take my wife's Tore-us across town, I feel crippled with hip pain.  Her Furd is by far the most uncomfortable car I have ever driven.


I love my seats. I decribe the driving the car like driving a Sofa with a Big Block! its so cumfy, head room, leg room. shoot if gas wasn't so expencive i'd drive my charger every day. it would make traffic so much better to not be cramped!
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I have updated my charger a little so far. I have custom fitted a CD deck into the dash, new 6x9's in the back, new steering wheel, and new bucket seats with 4 point harnesses.  For the most part its still pretty original. I would never dream of replacing the gauge cluster formation but i might go for new gauges. I dont know what i want to do to it all i know is that i want my charger to be different from anybody elses while still maintaining the same character.
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Mike DC

I like the old interiors up to a point.  I don't see any glory in the grain pattern of puke-green vinyl & the funny thin text on the factory guages, but the basics are nice to keep.  The metal/chrome stuff on everything, the black guages, etc.  The old-style door panels are cool as long as they have decent well-placed armrests. 

Old-style steering wheels are a little thin & large, but I hate the modern ones.  They're just too small & soft, and the spokes/center are too chubbby.  It's annoying because there's never much of anything decent in the middle of these extremes.  You either use an original hula-hoop wheel, or a tiny modern Formula-1 looking thing, or else you use something that looks like it fell off the "Fast & Furious" aisle at Auto Zone.

And I hate white-face guages. 
IMHO those things are just cool because they're "different" right now and not because they're actually better at all.  During the day I don't find them any better or worse than traditional black ones, but at night I think the white ones are horrible.  At night you can see the guages just fine but they're so bright they overwhelm your eyes & you can't see the road.



my boss is doing thi exact thing to a 1951 coronet...   he is putting the full interior out of a 99 conorde into it...    climate control, A/C, power windows, power doorlocks, power steering, tilt wheel, dash, seats...      everything
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Quote from: IBsmokin on November 06, 2005, 10:21:36 PM
yah this is the one you are talkin about eh!

( )

Probably pretty close to what the 2008 Chally will look like inside...
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