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Painters please help! It's home and painted!

Started by b5blue, February 02, 2012, 07:19:12 PM

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  Well I'm waiting for a call from Jerry now, he "should" be finishing spray soon. (?) Starting @ 10:30A he had it masked, resanded to his liking cleaned and tacked off ready for paint around 4:00P so we'll see.  :scratchchin: He commented it looked better than expected for a first timer and thinks it will come out pretty nice.
  Needless to say right now you couldn't pull a pin out of my butt with a tractor...... :lol: 


 :cheers:  It's a great feeling getting "over the hump" so to speek ! :2thumbs:


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Pics tomorrow guys I just got back from the shop. WOW is it WHITE!  :o  (b5 white.... :lol:) It's curing over nite at XS shop.


I guess we'll be on pins and needles until you post pix :popcrn:


It's HOME!!  :2thumbs:

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  I'm pleased for a first attempt, it's a 20 footer job for sure, my lack of time and money along with experience show in areas all over the body. If the repairs hold up well round 2 will go late next year. The trunk lid will be ready next weekend, Jerry wanted to spend more time on it before painting.
 The car kicked his butt, doing mostly newer cars and some really wild "Tuners" the sheer size had him running to keep up with the single stage Kirker's dry time. (It got much hotter yesterday than we expected even with slow activator.) Overall he did fantastic, 2 runs in the paint and one small blush, but he was insistent I bring it back so he can fix them in a week or two even though I told him I don't care.
 I'm lucky Steve sent me to him he's a great guy, he said he wished we had met a year ago as he would have gotten me supplies wholesale and guided me for a better end result so once again the Charger has lead me to yet another good friend!   :2thumbs:
 Thanks for all the help guys the car is much better than I dared hope for in Feb. of last years start of this topic, my expectations were pretty low back then just trying to seal the car from rusting even more! I'll get better pics for ya with my sons camera later to show you my "goofs", I just had to stop somewhere with the rain and heatwave due any day now.  
  I'm very pleased and really glad I paid Jerry to shoot!  :2thumbs:


You've done your Charger a solid and soon toying will be able to enjoy it. That's a definite win in my book!  :2thumbs:
68 Charger R/t white with black v/t and red tailstripe. 440 4 speed ,black interior
68 383 auto with a/c and power windows. Now 440 4 speed jj1 gold black interior .
My Charger is a hybrid car, it burns gas and rubber............

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Looks good, the only thing I see missing is you behind the wheel.
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Glad to see your hard work as finally paid off, Neal.  :cheers:
You deserve a pat on the back. Kudos to you!
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Just think, it's all down hill from here.  Just don't get to excited and rush it.

Car looks  :drool5: :popcrn:


Great job Neil!  Get that beast assembled and ready to rock!
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  Thanks Dino! I took today off, I got a beast of a cramp in my lower back yesterday possibly stress related worrying more about moving the car around than anything else. Jerry followed me home in the Cherokee and the weather worked out just fine. (No back window, trunk lid and rear bumper.) This morning I noticed as I moved around the car the drivers side I did first looks worse and it gets way better as I hit the passengers side and rear. (The rear was the disaster!)  :lol:
   I was getting into the "really get it close" kinda mindset towards the end and that was really never the intent of this mission, it was to halt decay and protect.  :2thumbs:


Looks Good :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
You need to change your screen name to Great White. ;)
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Kicked his butt eh? I bet! It's a solid 6 hours to spray a Charger...and that's running and sweating. Congrats on the progress, enjoy it!
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Looks good.  Based on your budget and what you had to work with, great job.   I have a lot of respect to those that can complete everything on a restoration.   :2thumbs: :2thumbs:

My goal is to do this also - getting close.
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Had I had more time (more so than money.) it could have been much better. There is so much more to do to the entire car this is mostly a sacrificial protective paint coating, areas look worse than the photos can show. (Yes it's starting to bug me, but oh well.)   :lol:
  Thanks for the positive! b5


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Yes, but you picked a solid color to do it.  Since the whole car is done now, next year, you can just redo a panel or two, and have it re-shot with paint.  :2thumbs:
My name is Mike and I'm a Moparholic!

Silver R/T

Should've went with base/clear. Its more durable paint and easier to work with.

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  Shot in 2013 the Kirker paint has held up well. A few chips at door edges (?) and a few spots that are issues from my repairs, even the dent in the lower rear valance's paint held up to getting smacked good by a shop golf cart.  :2thumbs: