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where to put new dash speakers?

Started by miller, May 14, 2006, 08:31:05 PM

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i just bought some 5.25 speakers which i plan on mounting near the dash board, the man who bought the car before me had a set and put them under the dash, only problem is, mine are thicker and wider so they will not fit directly under the dash, my question to you is, where is a good place to mount front speakers, and how do you do it?   I will tell you right off the bat i wont cut the doors because the speakers dont fit there anyways (the chrome areo is in the way)

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I have been told that the front kick panels are the best place to put them.  I believe the Paddock sells some aftermarkets sets with the speaker slots.
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I've seen people put them in the door panels BUT they left the vynil in place, only cut the fiberboard so it looks like there's no speaker there.

good luck