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'69 Grill Alignment

Started by Dano 1, January 18, 2022, 08:29:40 AM

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Dano 1

I'm in the process of restoring the grill for my '69 and did a quick test fit in the car last night. I noticed the grill sits about 3/4"-1" behind the front edge of the hood/fenders which didn't seem quite right. When I bought the car the grill was assembled but not in the car so I have never seen everything together.
Any other '69 owners have some insight or pics of where the grill is supposed to sit relative to the hood/fenders? The grill support is bolted in the car and the grill center section was located with all of the bolt/clips finger tight, the pics are with it pulled all the way forward in the adjustment slots.

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If I'm correct, it should be the same as a 68 Grille to body mounting.   My '68 seems to be the same as what you are describing.  I notice the grille curve from the ends is sharper and go deeper in than the fender curve.  I guess it is an intended design.    :shruggy:r